Singapore – Malaysia: ZenRooms Evergreen Residences

April 28, 2018

A big part of anyone’s travel budget would always go to accommodation.  Whenever our family travels, we always look for a practical place to stay.  We consider staying in a 5-star or even 4-star hotels during travels a no-no.  This is because whenever we travel, we are always outside exploring and we only needed a place to sleep, rest, and…

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Singapore – Malaysia 2017: Legoland Malaysia

April 14, 2018

When you’re traveling to Singapore with your kids in tow, visiting Legoland Malaysia should be included in your itinerary.  Legoland Malaysia is located in Johor Bahru – a Malaysian city one hour away from Singapore. We allotted a whole day in Legoland Malaysia.  We only went to the theme park and did not include the water park in out itinerary. …

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Singapore – Malaysia: Singapore River Walking Tour

April 10, 2018

Whenever our family travels, we always opt for a DIY itinerary and we make use of the internet by searching online.  We found out through the internet that doing the Singapore River Walking Tour will take you to Singapore’s famous tourist attractions.  Therefore, on the first day of our Singapore-Malaysia trip we decided to do the Singapore River Walking Tour.…

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Singapore – Malaysia: Budget and Itinerary

April 6, 2018

During long weekends, Filipinos find themselves wandering about in different places.  Some go out of town, some out of the country.  Singapore is one of those countries well loved by Filipino travelers because it is just less than 4 hours away from the Philippines.  And this beautiful country is where our family found ourselves during the ASEAN long holiday. When…

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Dona Choleng Camping Resort at Cagbalete Island

April 2, 2018

We visited the gorgeous Cagbalete Island last February.  We planned to stay overnight as we figured a day tour would not be enough to make the most of this beautiful island.   There are a lot of resorts to choose from at Cagbalete Island.  Most of these resorts offer the same amenities as the other. They offer these types of…

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